Knee After Surgery with Cat
My knee after surgery wrapped in plastic wrap to keep it dry in the shower. Plus butters, a very spoiled cat who needs to go wherever I do.

02015 and 02016 have been extraordinarily difficult years for me healthwise and db design has definitely suffered as a result. On top of that, I have to move out of the house I’ve lived in and worked from for more than eight years by November 30 so it can be put on the market. Rest assured that I’m preparing to be able to work even more mobile than when I only needed to work from the sofa while my knee was injured and recovering from surgery. It’s important to make this transition as smoothly as possible for my clients. Could be working from coffee shops and libraries while a permanent solution presents itself.

At the end of financial resources, and not knowing what else to do, I started a couple of GoFundMe campaigns earlier this year. One to help me rebuild my business client base, and another to help with moving costs. Many people have helped with generous donations and I want to thank them here, in alphabetical order. If you feel inclined to help get back on my feet, here are the links. There are some rewards on the business rebuilding campaign some of you might be interested in:

Moving expenses GoFundMe campaign
Rebuild business GoFundMe campaign


Fred and Susan Fisher
Chris Jones
Alysia Manring
Lucia Ploskey

Nickie Sekera
Tom Walker
Deb Weller